9 of the Strangest Types of Insurance You Need to Know About

Basil Mahadeo
4 min readMar 28, 2022

Just about everyone has car insurance or a health insurance policy. These types of insurance keep individuals protected from common problems that can cause issues in their daily lives. However, sometimes people need coverage for things that are a little out of the ordinary. Here are nine of the strangest insurance policies that you never knew existed:

1. Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is a group of three different products that protect people who are about to tie the knot. This type of insurance mostly keeps people safe from financial losses if they cancel the venue.

Another part of these policies is that they protect outdoor ceremonies. If severe weather hits, people with these policies will get reimbursed for the disruption it causes on their day.

Finally, wedding insurance covers alcohol liability for locations and caterers that don’t offer it. Some policies may cover honeymoon cancellations.

2. Cold Feet Insurance

Some people seem to have the fear that their child’s wedding won’t go through due to cold feet. To protect themselves from this issue, they take out cold feet insurance. These policies cover the total cost of a wedding in the event that either the bride or the groom chooses to cancel the wedding. Just bear in mind that it won’t cover the emotional damage caused by this situation.

You’ll also need to be aware that the wedding must be canceled by one of the qualifying party members at least a year in advance and that only the parents of the bride and groom get to keep the cash.

3. Alien Abduction Insurance

Some people believe that there are other-worldly creatures watching humanity from out of space. Those individuals can keep themselves safe with an alien abduction policy. These policies pay out if a UFO or alien clan decides to abduct them.

Keep in mind that premiums for these policies can be pretty high. Some people pay as much as $150 a month for coverage of $1.5 million. It’s also important to note that if you want to get a payout for this policy, you’ll have to have proof that your aliens and their UFO were real. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get your payout.

4. Lottery Insurance

For those who love playing the lottery, it might not be a bad idea to take out lottery insurance. This insurance policy helps protect companies whose employees purchase lottery tickets as a group.

If an employee pool wins the lottery, the company can get payouts if the staff says “adios” to the company once they get their winnings. It’s a great way to protect against any financial losses that result from the win.

5. Multiple Birth Insurance

Sometimes, parents who are planning for a child head into their ultrasound only to find that they’re expecting multiples. Once they get over the initial shock of the news, they’re left trying to figure out how to prepare themselves financially for the birth.

To keep parents protected from the financial struggles that multiple births pose, they can take out a multiple birth insurance policy. This provides financial payouts for couples who find out that they’re having twins, triplets, or more babies.

6. Bed Bug Insurance

Bed bugs are not just pesky critters, they are dangerous and uncomfortable, particularly for families with young children. They can also wreak some serious havoc on homes and apartments. One way to beat the challenges posed by bed bugs is to take out a bed bug insurance policy. These policies provide individuals with payouts that protect them if they pick up bed bugs.

7. Food Truck Insurance

Most people realize that they need small business or restaurant insurance. Those policies, however, don’t offer the same coverage for food businesses that are run on wheels. Individuals who own food truck businesses can take out a food truck insurance policy. These policies protect business owners from personal injury, foodborne illness, and a whole slew of other liabilities.

8. Body Part Insurance

Entertainers, singers, and athletes make huge sums of money for doing what they do. As such, they often want to protect the physical assets that enable them to generate their income. Many celebrities take out body part insurance policies to protect those assets. For example, Heidi Klum took out an insurance policy on her legs while Bruce Springsteen chose to insure his voice.

While most people don’t need this type of insurance, it’s still one of the quirkier policies out there. And, who knows? People who feel they’re destined for greatness might want to take out one of these policies just in case.

9. Chicken Insurance

Last but not least is a chicken insurance policy. While most people have cats, dogs, or fish as pets there are a few people who have animals such as pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens. For these types of animals, a classic pet insurance policy won’t cover medical bills and expenses. As such, they might need special insurance such as livestock or chicken insurance to keep them protected.



Basil Mahadeo

Basil Dahana Ram Mahadeo is a Director of GBTI for the past twenty-two (22) years.